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Defend New York and the world in Ocean City's best Laser Tag Arena

Final Assault Laser Tag | The Universe's Largest Laser Tag | Two Story, 7500 sq ft of heart pounding action

Year 2017. A secret organization known as The Swarm has just emerged above ground in New York City to attempt to take over the metropolis as their new headquarters for world domination. The group's leader, Apollyon, has spent the last 15 years in the sewers beneath the city building, training an army comprised of overlooked and forgotten criminals, miscreants and deviants. He affectionately refers to them as his Army of Locusts.

Overnight, they have swarmed the city out of nowhere and are wreaking havoc and destruction. You and your team must take immediate action and fight back against this diabolical coalition. The fate of New Your City and, quite possibly, the country and world lies in your hands.

Gear up and help save America's most iconic city!